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#IWD2019 | The incredible women that make The Dots

  • Pip Jamieson
  • Joyce Li
  • Donna Ladd
  • Raquel Sacristán Risueño
  • Nancy Cofie
  • Sophie Howe
  • Gosia Pałys-Dudek
  • Annie Ly
  • Laura Richardson
  • Danielle Barry

My last shout out of #IWD2019 goes to the incredible women at The Dots that make everything possible. Annie, Danni, Donna, Gosia, Joyce, Laura, Nancy, Raquel, Robyn, Sabeena & Sophie – legends the lot of you! At our Friday team meeting we do THANK YOUS – where everyone on the team thanks another teammate. Today my Head of Engineering gave me goose bumps when he thanked all his female teammates for making The Dots such a magical place to work, saying "my previous companies were very laddish/masculine – but since joining The Dots I’ve never been happier & couldn’t return to those environments again!" Surely this is what it’s all about; building inclusive teams that make us all happier, more creative and more productive. I’m so proud to work alongside these incredible women every day - of my 22 teammates; 50% are female! But I’m equally proud of a team that reflects society more broadly; spanning 9 different nationalities, 25% BAME, 13% LGBT+ and beautifully neurodiverse. This is the future! This is why we do what we do. Happy #IWD2019, all

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