Ketnipz Outfit Design

  • Celine Ngai

This is my submission for @prospect100 and @ketnipz ‘s Ketnipz Plushie Outfit Design! As a symbol of joy, creativity and the simple pleasures of life, I started approached the brief by thinking about what makes me happy. The immediate answer was food and I was instantly directed to the direction of desserts � one of my favourite desserts are Taiyakis, which is a Japanese fish shaped with red bean filling dessert. My second design is a strawberry dragon under the main concept of the year of the dragon � with a cute little twist under the secondary concept of the simple joys in life (food�) I wanted this to be a cute design, so combined the visuals of a strawberry and puffy dragon to form the ketnipz strawberry dragon combo outfit. I wanted these designs to bring out the simple joys in life. If you like these designs, please do give me a vote on! Link for voting!