KNKTU ( Connect to) w/UAL

  • Sebastian Baptiste
  • Charisse Chikwiri
  • Denieka Lafayette
  • Loren Sana Viel Platt

KNKTU was born in March 2017 from a new initiative run by the Widening Participation & Progression team that work within Careers & Employability at UAL. They encouraged our collective to develop their own narratives, networks and projects in order to empower them to succeed in their creative, professional lives. KNKTU isn’t an acronym, but rather the framework of the words “Connect To.” We are a collective whose ethos is to create spaces and to produce creative content that brings people together. We are gifted in a range of crafts; from journalism, to music production, to animation, set design & creative consultancy. Like most post-millennials, our interests are eclectic and we believe in giving people the freedom to be themselves – whatever that looks like. We've worked with a number of companies such as Nylon Mag, Proptar, GUAP Magazine, Boiler Room + more bringing them into UAL & to an audience of entrepreneurial/creative students. Through KNKTU, we’re all discovering what success means to us as individuals. Whether that’s by working towards establishing ourselves in industry, or by starting up our own initiatives. As a non-student member of KNKTU, I offered event management, creative consultancy, graphic design and project planning skills to a number of projects and events. This is including Graduate Futures Week (2017-2018), Boiler Room (2017), Corsica Stuido (2017), LCC Darkroom (2017,2018) + more. My experience as a young freelancer enabled the group to see how-to-steps from a 21 year old already in the creative industry to draw inspiration from. I got to learn about the educational + professional environment that drives my creative research into sustainable job roles for under 25 creatives. Building a case study for how educational institutions can undermine the roles of young creatives.