SYNOPSIS Hipólito is an unemployed and lives with his mom, Soledad. Their only income is the pension of Hipólito’s mom since he was made redundant because of the crisis, although she does not know about it yet. Despite Hipólito looking for a job desperately, he cannot find anything. One day, he receives a letter from the bank urging delayed payment of the mortgage. Thereafter, Hipolito will have to face a great choice that will change his life. Starring: Juan Carlos Perez and M.Angeles Guerrero Written & Directed by: Dani Tinez and Saul DeMoritz Director of Photography: Saul DeMoritz and Dani Tinez Lighting: Andres Parra Sound: Dani Tinez and Saul DeMoritz Edition & Post-Production: Dani Tinez, Saul DeMoritz and Andrés Parra

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Saul DeMoritz

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