Lockdown // Down to Work

A survey to understand how young people in London are working, coping and creating during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Create Jobs and Creative Society have partnered up to find out how young people's employment and financial situation has changed since the outbreak of Covid-19.

We want to know what support young people need and whether those needs are being met. To do that we're carrying out the Lockdown // Down to Work survey to:
  • Determine employment and financial situations before and after lockdown
  • Young people's knowledge of existing services
  • What requirements there might be for any new support

With nearly 1 million people applying for Universal Credit and fears that unemployment could rapidly rise to more than 6 million, we want to know how London’s young creative scene is being directly affected by the Covid-19 crisis. But if any sector is going to adapt and evolve to cope with this new normal, London’s creatives is bound to be it.

If you're aged 18-30 and based in London, please take a few minutes and fill out the survey. Otherwise share it on Twitter, Instagram and with your networks to help us support young people across the creative sector.

Survey closes 4 May 2020.

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