Lost and Found and Glued Down

  • Rhia Cook

A visual diary and documentation of found objects I've kept for the last 4 years

I've always collected found objects that I liked. When I was younger, it was postcards from everywhere we went, every gallery or bookshop or cafe that sold the 50p cards I picked them and kept them bunched together in a drawer gathering dust. In my teenage years, I created some kind of ill advised blu-tacced mural of magazine cuttings and print outs on my bedroom wall that soon faded with sun exposure. Now, as an adult person, I keep my found things in big Inspiration books. Whenever I get stuck, I go to these.
Currently I have 3 sketchbooks full of these gathered collages. Pages and layouts come together over time as I find more items that compliment the colour or tone or message.
Found notes are some of my favourite things in the world.