LYD website

  • Lawrence Everard

Working on personal projects is always tricky. A client project comes in, and they get pushed to the back. And when you start them again, you forget about where you were and end up starting again. Add to that the fact that you invariably overthink them, try to incorporate too much, and overcomplicate what you're trying to say. It isn't easy. So it's with some joy (and relief) when you get to take a project live and share it, even if you did start it a long long time ago. You can see it at, or just look at the pictures below

This is the video that features on the homepage. It's about cutting through all the noise out there to make yourself heard
On mobile devices the menu changes colour everytime a different section is selected
The style of iconography developed for the website, which will we continue to develop as more content is added to the website