Major Players & English Football League - Back In The Game

  • Olly Cooper
  • Emilia Buggins

As a footy mad fan, when Major Players and the EFL (English Football League) released a mental health initiative brief during the Coronavirus lockdown, I had to get involved. The brief was simple. Create a name, brand identity and campaign to support the launch of a new mental health initiative aimed at promoting positive mental health among everyone in the football community - players, backroom staff, refs, fans. Now, when your football team is 2-0 down, playing dreadfully and looking out of sorts, it can feel like a rotten place to be. But when you work hard to rally together, support one another and force that one goal back, it changes everything. The positivity floods through you. It's exactly the same with our mental health. When you feel down and out, you just need that one bit of support, one spark, one goal to help you on your way to positive mental health. That's where our initiative comes in. A helping hand to get you Back In The Game.