Make It Yourself

  • David Lee
  • Michael Mason
Creativity and design are critical parts of Squarespace’s DNA. Over the years, we’ve iterated on our overarching creative vision to ensure that everything we put out into the world is beautiful, brave, and has that unique creative lens that has come to be expected from us.

In September of 2017, we introduced a new brand platform for Squarespace to stand on: “Make it”. This message works as a standalone phrase which speaks to the handmade creation process of building a Squarespace site, and it works at an aspirational level, communicating the desire to “make it” as an entrepreneur.

As a part of the “Make It” campaign, we launched “Make It Yourself”, which was created for the individual who already has it in mind to create a website. We focused on telling true customer stories in order to illustrate the importance of how your online presence should be a true reflection of who you are. We worked with Sadie Williams, Daniel Arsham, and Danny Bowien because their unique stories demonstrate the sheer customizability that Squarespace has to offer and the unique design sensibilities we democratizes for all.