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Make Much

Make Much was my personal major project, exploring the Maker Culture and behaviours towards handmade. I was looking particularly at ways of democratising making, and considering possibilities for social engagement in creating. I researched current activities and debates within handmade production in order to provide contemporary relevance to my work. My personal commitment to ethical consumerism was one of the main factors in choosing to investigate this subject.

In today’s world, the necessity is not the mother of all invention anymore. Today, we can buy, easily and cheaply, anything we need; and with the same nonchalance, we can also throw away those very same items. Technology development has widened the gulf between the maker and the user to such a degree that people no longer have even the most basic understanding of how products are made. This leads to a limited appreciation for the handmade. In this project I aimed to influence this tendency, as well as engage more people into making, which today, thanks to technology is easier than it ever was.

The research was a 9-month process, the longest I have ever conducted. It was challenging in many ways, and I hope to continue it in the future. On the following pages I provided with few examples of gathered data visualisation.

I proposed 3 final outcomes. First of them was the website, that after testing turned out not to work for the target audience that I have chosen. It was a good lesson of prototyping importance. Since the website turned out to be inaccurate, I proposed a branding campaign, that would promote making as a lifestyle. Unfortunately, I did not manage to develop it. My last outcome was a workshop, and I decided that it should be tested on the final exhibition.

Project Tags

  • design
  • makers
  • Craft
  • technology
  • Sustainability
  • Consumerism
  • future forecasting

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