Man on the Moon

  • Abby and Alice A&A


Our first non-comissioned piece, as funded by the 2016 UAL MEAD scholarship
February 2017
Peckham, South London

A five day, hyperreal installation based on the mysterious life of the Armstrong family and their company, Armstrong Cheese. Set in their home on Copeland Road in South London.
The event was initially advertised as a ‘pop up cheese café and open house’ – an event designed to sell off Mr Armstrong’s remaining stock. There was cheese free to sample, and to take away with a 'pay what you can' policy. What quickly transpired however, is there was a little more to this event, and Mr Armstrong. 
When the audience arrived they found each room as an installation: a home deserted, full of clues to the Armstrong's life. Audiences could uncover a fairytale inside the family home through the objects and ephemera left behind, but ultimately imagined the world for themselves.
"A brave and interesting thing.. I feel like there was some strange story." 
​"There's too many secrets for us to know." 
​- Overheard and anonymous feedback
from the audience