Beginning in heat of August 2018, MASSIVE champions British cinema to 16-24 year olds all across the UK, giving young people the chance to experience the best British films together in the cinema.

“The idea of trying to collect young people back into the cinema, that is massive. Big up for that.” – Idris Elba
Delivered by the crowdsourced cinema platform ourscreen & entertainment agency elevenfiftyfive, MASSIVE is a first-of-its-kind project globally.
MASSIVE is built to support British titles looking to engage the increasingly elusive 16-24 audience. The first film to receive MASSIVE support was Idris Elba’s directorial debut Yardie, live-streamed to over 200 cinemas nationwide and featuring a special performance from London-born grime artist Kojo Funds and a Q+A with Idris himself. Then followed Steve McQueen's heist thriller Widows, and most recently Wild Rose, with a breakout performance from star Jessie Buckley.