Mastercard - Contactless tackle

  • Tom Henchman

For the launch of Mastercard’s partnership with the Rugby World Cup 2020, they were looking at an innovative way to bring the tournament to life for both journalists and members of the public.


Members of the Solarflare team worked with the talented team at TalkerTailorTroubleMaker to create an activation in central London that would replicate the impact of a tackle from a professional rugby player. Combining 3D 360 virtual reality content with a haptic suit, visitors were able to experience the impact of a tackle from one of the three Mastercard ambassadors – Maggie Alphonsi, Jason Robinson or Chris Robshaw.
The aim for Mastercard was to not only launch the partnership with the Rugby World Cup, but also to bring a new audience to get involved in the sport


Smashing! Chris Robshaw himself said “This is the best activation I’ve been a part of.” Pictures and videos from the day were shared in mainstream media and overall for Mastercard the campaign was a great success!

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