Medway Council Animation

  • Linda Scerpella

Medway Council wanted a video to promote what there is to do and see in Medway. After agreeing on a certain number of locations, events and facts as a studio we pitched some visual styles and the one I created got chosen. This was then used to create the entire video. A freelancer and I were the people who worked on the animation. I created the first 35 seconds of the video. We followed a storyboard given to us as well as getting feedback from our creative directors, but we had quite a lot of freedom in changing things around if we thought it worked better.

Please check the full animation here:
Below are some of the scenes that I worked on. I created all the assets in Adobe Illustrator, which were then imported and animated in Adobe After Effects.
Below are some of the shots that I created that were used initially to pitch the idea to the client in order to get them to approve the style. Another motion designer animated them in the final piece.