Mesch is a personal project that aims to bring a digital DJ experience to the cloud – it allows amateur DJs to give a professional sounding performance without the need for any external hardware or software. Users can simply load the app and mix with Soundcloud’s vast variety music or any tracks stored locally.

The app delivers a user-centered experience by blending advanced functionality with a slick user interface. Various rounds of user feedback and research were conducted before settling on a GUI that felt both familiar and fun. The app aims to cut out the bulk often found in paid applications by rethinking complex functionality to make it easy and intuitive.

Users can easily blend between tracks using various filters, EQ’s and crossfades. A tracks can tempo can be looked up or calculated in-browser to allow users to adjust and beatmatch their mixes accordingly for seamless transitions. An extensive keyboard mapping was created that allows full control over the application and the ability to control multiple areas at simultaneously – this means no external hardware is required. Other features included are loops, beatjumping, manual beatgridding, playlist management and much more. The current online version is an early beta with the full version coming very soon.


Andrew Karasek

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