MICROSOFT - Brandon Generator

  • Manuela Silva
  • Steven Woodgate
  • stuart yeardsley
An interactive web experience for Microsoft about a cursed writer in desperate need of inspiration.

Written and directed by award-winning writer and director Edgar Wright, with illustrations by US artist Tommy Lee Edwards, this Internet Explorer Production presents the first ever animated story where the user is invited to get involved by contributing his drawings, prose or audio to help inspire Brandon.

Showcasing all the new and cool technology IE9 and HTML5 have to offer, this interactive experience puts you in control of Brandon’s destiny, which was divided into 4 highly addictive episodes. The experience has proved a hit with the media and the general public with over 600,000 visitors to the site and 10,000 crowdsourced submissions.

My role, as the lead digital designer of the project, was to develop the creative visuals that helped fuse the interactive elements, interface designs, HTML animations and transitions with the crowdsourcing moments.


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