• Matteo Giuseppe Pani
  • Valentin Breyne

Milly MILLY (by Michelle Smith) wanted to rebrand their advertising and communications to reflect the attributes of their new collections: Edgy, irreverent, bold and colourful. We created a campaign consisting of over 400 images and animations. The images below are only the ones I created together for both the main campaign and social media. Credits Design Studio: Sagmeister & Walsh Creative Direction: Jessica Walsh, Stefan Sagmeister Concept/Lead Design (main campaign): Jessica Walsh, Matteo Giuseppe Pani, Daniel Forero. Social media: Jessica Walsh, Matteo Giuseppe Pani, Daniel Forero, Aron Filkey, Olivier Charland,Angela Iannarelli, Dennis Adelmann Make up: Anastasia Durasova Photography: Henry Hargreaves, Aron Filkey, Oliver Charland, Daniel Forero.