Mixed Reality and Virtual Reality in Fashion: LCF gets technical

  • JD O'Lone
London College of Fashion leads the way in using technology to change how we experience fashion. Through research and enterprise with Fashion Innovation Agency and Digital Anthropology Lab, to student projects such as the Collaborative Unit, the Digital Learning Lab and our catwalk shows, we work with our students, alumni and businesses to really innovate and explore.
If you are interested in connecting design to digital technologies and experimenting then studying at London College of Fashion will give you a chance to develop these skills across any of our degree courses, especially at Postgraduate and research levels. Check out our degrees for more information.
Below are some of the ways we have been working with staff and students on digital projets.
Fashion Innovation Agency at London College of Fashion (FIA) are experts in working with emerging technologies to help designers and brands change the way they make, sell or show their collections. They facilitate connections and developments with partners, pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve digitally.
Steventai, London College of Fashion's FIA, ILMxLAB and The GREAT Britain Campaign showcased the global debut of #LiveCGX - an immersive fashion showcase with LiveCGX Technology as part of London Fashion Week.
Held at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, King Charles Street, the presentation used models, digital augmentation and motion capture technology to transport guests to the streets of Macau. A CGX model joined the cast on stage through a realtime screen, and as she bowed to the audience her outfit changed. This collaboration marks the culmination of a 2-year exploration between FIA and ILMxLAB for the potential application of immersive technologies within the fashion industry.
The images below are of two FIA projects; the first is a partnership with Nokia and design duo Fyodor Golan for London Fashion Week, to create the world’s first interactive skirt made up of Nokia Lumia 1520 smartphones. The second is for Richard Nicoll's London Fashion Week LED Tinkerbell dress, created by Studio XO and facilitated by Fashion Innovation Agency. Head of Fashion Innovation Agency, Matthew Drinkwater, says:
“ This project is a stepping stone to designers genuinely using hi-tech materials within their collection as a matter of course, an integration that is seamless without standing out as the ‘jarring tech-piece’. We want to bring style and fashion to the wearables arena.”
The Digital Anthropology Lab (DAL) at London College of Fashion, UAL, is an emerging research centre dedicated to making smarter technology for a better human experience. It works across industry and academia through the lens of fashion and tech. Focusing on the NOW, the NEAR and the FUTURE, the lab radically re-imagines the emerging fashion-tech space, exploring both the beautification of technology for wearables and critically explore the ‘why.’
Students have access to DAL through ‘Digital Coffee’ sessions to advise students from all programmes, and student projects which have come through DAL include 'Elevate', a necklace that senses when the wearer is getting ‘text neck’ and buzzes as a reminder of posture. DAL researchers work collaboratively with brands and other centres at LCF such as the Fashion Innovation Agency and Centre for Fashion Enterprise to develop fashion-tech ideas into marketable businesses. Below are some photographs and films from the Lab.
Digital opportunities for students at LCF go across all degrees. To combine interests in tech and fashion find out about the topics we offer.
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