Monki × RFSU

To support Monki's ongoing value project, 'Monki Thinks', we teamed up with RFSU (Swedish Association for Sexuality Education) - to create a limited-edition capsule of tees and tote bags. Featuring two mission statements – ‘This body got rights’ and ‘Handle with love & respect’, because everyone has the right to own their body, to know their rights and to wear them with pride, no matter the situation. 

Three situations. Three people owning it.

For the launch of this collaboration, we aim to empower people everywhere to own their body rights. In public places, some can find it difficult to fully commit to loving themselves and their body. So, we filmed three videos that show the best of people owning it; exuding confidence and letting their tees and totes do the talking.

The train platform Never feel afraid to take up space that is rightfully yours. You should never feel uncomfortable for simply being you.

The kiss You have the right to decide, always. Handle others with love and respect, and take all the time you need to decide in romantic situations. Your body is yours.

The public escalator Allow your confidence to shine in public. Make any escalator your catwalk and strut like nobody’s watching. Who knows, you might inspire someone else to do the same.

The team: 
Garri Frischer - Art Director Matthew Regan - Copywriter Fiona O'Grady - Concept creative Amanda Persson, Martin Petersson - Stylists
Shot by Tarot Pictures.


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