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A photography exhibition illustrating and celebrating the brilliant and bizarre duality of the life of working mums. A celebration of the women who hold up the economy with one hand and a baby with the other.

#MotherWorks gives the businesses who host the exhibition a unique opportunity to represent and recognise their working mothers and the enormous, unsung contribution they make. The exhibition has been shown in the Houses of Parliament for International Women’s Day 2020, was part of the London Design Trail and The Royal Photographic Society's 100 Heroines exhibition and has appeared in many workplaces and community spaces across the UK.

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I remember hearing Jo Whiley talking about breast feeding at work - between records and sometimes during interviews - which apparently threw Christopher Eccelstone. I was lucky enough be able to take my son to shoots, he was cuddled by many a sitter and Mike Trow, Picture editor at Vogue, was a marvellous surrogate nanny.
Sadly for most women this is not possible and so begins the weird duality of the mother who works: while smartly dressed ready to head out to an important meeting, kissing little ones goodbye without getting covered in whatever they are eating/smeared with. The mother heading off to her shift to shouts of "bring us back a treat mum!"  and the multitasking mums who work from home, on a conference call while wiping something unspeakable off the floor.
Many of the hardest working mothers do two full time jobs, yet feel that they can't mention their mum-life at work, many women feel it's caereer suicide to talk about wanting to start a family.
This exhibition is in part inspired by MP Sarah Olney’s International Womens’ Day speech in the House of Commons “Let's celebrate the everyday achievement of women whether it's in the home or in the work place.” 

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