My Hair Won't Be Silenced - Pantene Gold Series

  • Jolade Olusanya
  • Saraphina Mattis
  • Salomé-Dior Williams
  • Charles Olayinka
  • Sarah Hawke
  • Paul Akinrinlola
  • Nardia Bryan

Recently, we (SXWKS) produced this UK-wide campaign film for Pantene Gold Series, directed by myself, aimed at tackling the discrimination faced by Black women concerning their hair. It is said that 93% of Black people in the UK have faced microaggressions related to their Afro hair. Pantene have partnered up with Black Minds Matter UK and Project Embrace to combat and reduce these microaggressions by 50% within the UK by 2025 with the Power of Hair Fund. This short film features 6 Black British women talking about experiences and journey towards accepting and celebrating their natural Afro hair. Post-production by Method Film and photography by Jessica Eliza Ross. Creative direction by Barbara Premo. PR company: Pretty Green