My Own Personal Dali

My Own Personal Dali is a research project about my interpretation of Salvador Dali's work. I wanted to translate his language and symbols and through this process to understand his art and its messages so as to assimilate and include them in my own work. I wanted to find a sufficient and satisfactory interpretation of the relationship between viewer and work of art, how he reacts, how he responds and how he moves between space and object. The aim of the project is to help the viewer overcome the awe felt before the magic of art, and help him approach the work free of formal convictions to discover his own answers.

My Own Personal Dali takes place in a vacant - personal space, my own canvas with familiar figures and everyday objects of my reality. I tried to combine classic and contemporary design. Dali probably doesn't exist in the project yet he defines it.

Team Credits

Rallou Mylona

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  • Graphic Designer

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  • visual communication
  • Fine Art
  • graphic design
  • Salvador Dali