My wardrobe | The new Alexa skill

  • Emilie Chanteloup
  • Ary Arasen
  • alex meyer

Not knowing what to wear can be an everyday struggle. So what if you didn’t have to decide? Meet My Wardrobe, a professional stylist that provides different outfits based on the weather, the time of day or the day of the week.

Ok, it’s a bit more clever than that. My Wardrobe analyses the wind speed, humidity, sunrise, sunset, temperature, visibility and the season, and in a split second responds with what to wear. So here’s how it works...
Say it’s a Rainy day in London: 6 degrees, 80% Humidity and 10mph wind speed. My Wardrobe’s response will be to take a Coat, umbrella, boots, gloves and a scarf.
How about a sunny day in Los Angeles? 30 degrees, 5% Humidity and 2mph winds. It knows its the summer and will provide you with a suggestion for the ideal summer outfit.
'My Wardrobe' can also provide you with specific outfits depending on the time you ask it. That’s right, it even knows the time of the day and the day of the week.
At 12:00 on a Sunday: a casual outfit suitable for the weekend.
7am on a Monday morning: a comfortable and smart outfit ready for your working day.
8pm on Friday: an outfit suitable for dinner or night out.
Based on this you can start to ask it specific questions: 'Alexa, ask My Wardrobe what can i wear today’ Smart wear ‘Alexa, ask My Wardrobe what can i wear tonight’ = Dress to impress ‘Alexa, ask My Wardrobe what can i wear tomorrow’ = A rain proof outfit
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