Nationwide Degree Show: The Winners

  • Tobi Meuwissen
  • Steve Garnett
  • Eve Wallis
  • Micol Zardi
  • Heather Wilson
  • Agata Tomaszek
  • Nathan Barnard
  • Laura Chen
  • Elaina Soteriou
  • Fiona Mary Morris
  • Jasmine Forbes
  • Alberto Gonzalez

This project showcases the winners and results of the Nationwide Degree Show! We put together a Nationwide Degree Show to help graduating creatives showcase their work as all the degree shows were being cancelled.

We launched The Nationwide Degree Show in lieu of all the student shows in 2020 to ensure that industry professionals still get to see all of the groundbreaking work that is being produced. The aim? Working together to keep the creative industries buzzing and full of fresh, young creativity and talent.

We partnered with the amazing Ocean Outdoor, who gave us almost £100k’s worth of billboard space across the country.

These are the winners of the competition, and you can view more of their work by finding their Dots profile attached to this project!

(Photograph, Andrew Rankin)

To find out more about the making of this project then click here.

More pictures of the billboards, and more of the beautiful submissions, can be viewed on our Instagram.
(Photograph, Kate Warrington)
(Photograph, Fraser Milne)
(Photograph, Andrew Rankin)