Native Instruments x AVA Festival Belfast

  • Soraya Brouwer
  • Hattie Wynter

Growing into the leading electronic music conference across Ireland, AVA Conference in association with Output Belfast, is a free event committed to driving forward the countries ever-expanding electronic audio visual arts. The AVA conference shines a light on the local people and institutions who are pioneering across the country, as well as inviting international industry leaders, brands, artists and more to educate with insider knowledge. AVA Conference in association with Output Belfast, is pleased to reveal the first phase of the programme; with performances, talks, masterclasses, workshops, panels and more from the likes of Native Instruments. In 2017 and 2018, we collaborated with the festival to host a series of talks and workshops at the conference featuring New Jackson, Hammer, ELLLL and more. Hosted by music journalist Lauren Martin at the Metropolitan Arts Centre, Chicago house legend Larry Heard spoke about his life in Memphis, Tennessee, and collaborating with local funk and jazz musicians in his home studio. It was in this studio that Heard returned to his classic Mr. Fingers alias, and wrote and recorded the alias’ first album in nearly 25 years, 2018’s Cerebral Hemispheres.