• Sasha Kluvitse

NikeForward is more than a direction. It’s a mindset. A way of looking forward to the future to inform the moves we make in the present. A way of making the world of tomorrow a better place, today. Today it’s a hoodie. Tomorrow, it could be anything.

Meet Sasha

Producer, psychological practitioner and all-round creative, trying to implement sustainability across all sides of her work.

“For me, forward-thinking means taking the lead and creating actual solutions that affect real lives,” says Sasha Kluvitse, a psychological practitioner and Nike member based in London.
“Moving forward, I want us to prioritise mental health in the same way we do physical health…Acting and thinking sustainably is about looking after the planet but also ourselves both mentally and physically. We do better when we feel better.”
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Forward Thinkers
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Sasha Kluvitse

Agency Breaks
Production Company Sonder Films
Creative Director Ritz Wright
Junior Creative Imi Gash
Producers Naomi Simone Berrio-Allen, Arabella Kemp
Director Joel Barney
DOP Oscar Ferguson
2nd Unit Director Naomi Simone Berrio-Allen
2nd Unit DOP Jan Solberg
Stylist Georgia Boaloal-Brussell
Make-Up Artist Doey Drummond
Hair Stylist Sasha Kluvitse
Editor Filippo Mira
Colourist Henry Howard56
Stills Photographer OB Tikare
Digi / Lighting Assist Gray Lee Brame
With special thanks to Alessandro Muraca and Paul from Nike, & Tim Eichel, Kieran James Sill, Tayo Rapport, Buster Grey Jung, Edien Said and Sophie Gaten