Noatune Studios at BBC Introducing LIVE

  • Nic Isfahani

I worked with North-East London recording studio 'Noatune Studios' to bring one of their highly respected studio spaces in Netil House to the annual 'BBC Introducing LIVE' event, which dedicates a week to discovering and supporting musicians while helping them connect with established brands and recording spaces. As a part of the Noatune team, I was required to 'translate' Noatune's 'Studio B' to a completely foreign area and within the BBC's and Tobacco Dock guidelines, as to accurately reflect the sense of tranquility and vibrancy that the space brings many musicians whom depend on it for productive workflow. Myself and the team then used our expertise and passion for music to converse and develop relationships with musicians who were interested in using the studio space in the future, helping them book sessions, guided tours and showing them the state-of-the-art equipment Noatune has to offer. We held live-production sessions, an open-to-all analogue synth session, as well as scheduling a 2-day long open-mic competition, where artists could sign up, perform a song and win a chance to record and mix a full-song in the Hackney studios.