• Lucy Hall

Existing to bridge the gap between sustainable brands and consumers.

For my final university project, I proposed the launch of a communications consultancy for sustainable fashion, beauty and accessories brands: Nothing To Hide. Existing to bridge the gap between sustainable brands and consumers, I am continuing to develop this project, specifically through Instagram. The Nothing To Hide account discusses industry truths surrounding mainstream garment manufacture. The aim of this is to educate consumers on the realities of the fashion industry and encourage them to shop more sustainably.

A reoccurring content style displayed on the feed is the block colour statements shown below. As red is opposite to green, I built the colour palette around this as Nothing To Hide aims to rewrite the narrative surrounding sustainable fashion by steering away from the leafy green stereotype. The bold font choice links to the strong purpose behind Nothing To Hide: to restructure the entire fashion industry. Warping the font creates a retro feel, paying homage to how the industry operated before fast fashion took over.