NTU Interrobang

  • Hollie Sanderson
  • Eve Wallis
  • Alice Stone

NTU graphic design degree show 2020 Graphic Design at NTU focuses on strategy, concept and the big idea. NTU Interrobang celebrates unique ideas from the students just as much as their finished outcomes. The theme – Interrobang – celebrates that ‘eureka moment’ when you finally solve a brief you’ve been wrestling with. It focuses on the feeling of relief, excitement and motivation that a graphic designer experiences in the journey and development of a project. The interrobang combines a question mark that symbolises the interrogative point of a brief and an exclamation mark, which indicates that lightbulb moment. Each student has created their own interrobang to represent them to showcase the variety of talent on our course has to offer. The short concept film linked was created to visually show why it is so important to celebrate the feeling of finding a solution to a brief. Live degree show website: https://ntuinterrobang.com/ Live instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ntuinterrobang/