ocean's voice | editorial

  • Giulia Greco

Photography David PD Hyde Style Emily Evans Model Georgina Solly c/o Milk Model Management Hair Style Ryo Narushima Makeup Laura Ones

Jacques-Yves Cousteau - navigator, explorer but also director - used to say “people protect what they love”. To support love we need knowledge and knowledge needs, in turn, presence. It is the constant flow of informations that keeps our love growing and our care perpetual. Oceans, when clean and healthy, clean the atmosphere from carbon dioxide, which is absorbed by a little seaweed named phytoplankton and then travels alonge the food chain - from mouth to mouth, from the plankton to the whale - until melt completely in the water. Oceans also soak up atmospheric heat, preventing the planet from overheating. Oceans and air live in an ongoing exchange and the wellbeing of the first cannot prescind the other. It is important to know it, because this is the only possible way for us to understand and act in order to stop the oceans’ destruction and give a cleaner future for our World.

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