Pyper America | interview

  • Giulia Greco

Models we like are (often) not only models. They have countless means of expression and this is, after all, a characteristic shared by many creative spirits: a single medium is never enough for them. Experimentation gives us ever-renewing-inspiration and perspective, while the contact with different talents and professionals helps us grow. Personal growth should be everybody’s goal – no matter where we are from nor where we are going – and most of the time it has to do with interpersonal exchange. The first Web Cover of 2021 is a shooting made of different creatives who, through collaboration and the sharing of ideas, have been able to create something beautiful and significant.

You come from a talented family: your parents, your brother and sisters, you are all connected with art and performing somehow. How and how much have they inspired you along the way? How much of your talented spirit has been formed during your childhood?

Thank you, yes they are all so talented! Being the 3rd in my family, I grew up copying my older sisters and trying to be like them in so many ways. My parents gave my siblings and me instruments for Christmas when we were younger and taught us how to play music together. I think my “talented spirit” was formed before I was born but as I grew up around such creative people like my mom, my inspirations grew.

Speaking of inspiration, I would like to quote you “the good idea, the exciting feeling, inspiring moment – that’s the light! That’s what real magic is” and again “Moments fade away, inspiration comes and goes so TAKE IT WHEN YOU GOT IT AND RUN!!! GO! GO! GO!”. This is brilliant: what inspired you during the last challenging year?

Thank you for sharing this message again. It’s so true. The big, dramatic events of the year inspired me a lot. It mostly shifted my perspective in such an important way. For example, realizing what matters most which are our relationships and our souls. The events of this year pushed me to learn and I know learning brings inspiration. If you ever feel low, push yourself to learn something new. Read. Watch a documentary. Learning and growth are what it’s all about.
2020 could be the year of pivoting for the fashion industry – and many other fields as well. Young consumers ask for sustainability, ethic and inclusivity, they want to have fun with clothes but be responsible at the same time. What is the one thing you would keep of the “old” fashion system and what the one you would change in the future?

Yes, I love this! I love runways shows, I hope those never dissolve. I’m not sure what I would change, I like where things are headed and I’m excited to see what will happen because of people’s passion to help save Mother Earth and her visitors.
Going to a more personal level, I would like to ask you how your relationship with religion is. I understand you are a fervent believer and I would like to know what is the role religion has in your life in this modern and disillusioned time.

My religion is a vital vehicle for me in my spirituality. I am a fervent believer and very passionate about our spirits and where we are going. The role religion has played in my life has been so indispensable and has made my life really special. At the end of the day, it’s really about feeling good in my skin and learning more about myself – following my gut, my intuition and that spirit. This solid foundation that I have, has been especially important during this last year and at this time in the world. Prayer is everything to me.

You got married very young and this is something peculiar nowadays. Don’t get me wrong, I am positively impressed by your choice but I believe young people get married later and later on in their life now, for many different reasons – education, careers, financial instability, etc. Maybe, young generations are just scared about a “for life” promise in a world that is in constant change. What do you think about it?

Yes, I did get married pretty young and I will say my religious culture definitely has something to do with that. But I married Quaid Holder because I realized it was meant to be. I don’t know if it’s for everyone (getting married young). I’m a different person almost 2 years later. Marriage is a special challenge and such a gift.