Sanne Vloet | interview

  • Giulia Greco

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To talk with – and to listen to – young generations is important, not only for marketing researches but also for who, like us, wants to leave them a better world, tailored on their new needs. Values have indeed changes, very much and very quickly. Millennials, gen z, x and y grew up in globalization, know well consumerism and have a preferential access to informations, thanks to digital media. The ensemble of these three characteristics build up very attentive and demanding consumers, who buy only brands in line with their believes. Among their priorities we find the environment but also fair production and physical and mental wellbeing. Everything is connected.
Sanne Vloet is part of this committed generation, she believes in its transformative power and started herself, together with the peer Bénédicte Bakar, a skincare brand with our skin and our planet in mind. Izé, this is its name, produces nutritive oils for our skin and makes them with the best ingredients possible. Every component is controlled, grown and worked in the US, the packaging is sustainable and the business is involved in social and eco-friendly projects. If we would make a list of must-have-characteristics of raising brands, these would be for sure in the top five.
You perfectly sum up some of the (best) characteristics of new generations. Socially and environmentally committed, healthy in your lifestyle, open minded and very down to Earth. Do you think your young peers are ready to change for better their way of living?

First of all, thank you for the kind words! I truly believe this generation is pushing forward in a positive direction with a focus on environment, a drive to live a balanced life and, from what I have experienced, they are very open to the new. We are aware of what we are putting in our bodies, what type of information we are consuming and progressive ideas are now making it to the top of the list of things we need to fight for. My generation is already changing how we live, we have also more gratitude towards the small things, we choose to travel over buying material objects and, now more than ever, people are realizing how much they look life for granted. I am excited to see how we will grow into the leaders of tomorrow!

Your skincare line Izé is born from your work as a model. Through working in the fashion industry and being invited to use several different beauty products, you found yourself overwhelmed by, not only the huge amount of cosmetics available, but also by the waste they create, with packaging mainly. Do you believe people have your same sensation and awareness? The idea is perfectly summarized by the description of Izé, which is “skincare: simplified”. Who is your target consumer?

Benny and I both spent years slathering on various products thinking more was better, in terms of skincare, so we had these crazy 10 steps skincare routines because we thought that’s what it takes to have “good” skin. We watched influencers and Youtubers put on 15+ products morning and night so we used to do the same. What really happened is that we both ended up irritating and sensitize our skin by using so many chemicals and fragrances. We realized that keeping it simple, using two or three products whose composition you know well, make all the difference. We also realized that people are generally confused by skincare (as we were!). They are not sure how to layer, what serum goes first, does eye cream go before moisturizer of after? We knew we wanted to create something to the point, easy to use and most of all effective. Izé is for the modern consumer who is looking for the highest quality ingredients, to use day and night without causing irritation, all while making a positive impact on the environment.