Open Pharma

What is open source Pharmaceuticals?  Open source pharmaceuticals is a system dedicated to breakthroughs in affordable medicine for people all over the world, by providing a global platform  of collaborations to solve problems. This system relies on crowd sourced knowledge, highly distributed volunteer efforts and advanced open source tools. Brief -  Create a visual way to express the idea and research around the open source pharmaceuticals.
Response - After all the research I have conducted about open source pharmaceuticals, a lot of the information was hidden beneath wordy jargon and long winded essay’s. So with all the information I have gathered, I created two publication which document a more simpler terms which the wider population can understand.I collaborated with a fellow illustrator who brought my work to life with child like but fun illustrations which mixes with the adult subject matter. The front covers, were screen printed and hand bound with a metal clasp linking with the medical topic. 


Laura Rogocki

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