Operation Orphan

'They have no one to tell them that monsters aren`t real.' Remember when you were a kid you were afraid of darkness? Parents are usually there for us to reassure and comfort us when we are scared. Unfortunately, orphanage kids have no one to truly support them when they are most frightened. So, we took the challenge to point out the issue most orphans go through very frequently - night terror.
Client: Operation Orphan
Issue: Caretakers at orphanages can not fully supervise children throughout the night hours.
Message: YOU can be the one to tell them that monsters aren`t real.
Platforms: YouTube, Twitter.
Deliverables: Online diaries across 2 platforms/ videos, photos, tweets from orphanage.
Timeline: Phase 1 - Activation via print advertisement on London Underground and city billboards to raise awareness.
Phase 2 - Orphan Diaries on YouTube, Twitter/ photo, video sharing.
Strategy: All social media imput created by genuine orphans. The content created can be found using #orphandiaries
Activation: Print Advertisement 1 'Monsters In The Closet'
Activation: Print Advertisement 2 'Monsters Under The Bed'
We provided orphans with cameras so they could capture their day-to-day experiences via photos and videos. 

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