Orchard Pig Cider Rebranding

‘Deliver Orchard Pig as the craft cider equivalent of contemporary craft beer – we want to become the Notorious P.I.G.’ Orchard Pig is a cider company from Somerset, their view is that they are the only ‘craft’ cider in the industry, and want this to be expressed through their brand. This ranges from packaging, to social media, to point of pour and innovation. The orchard in which the cider is made dates back to the 1850s, with Orchard Pig itself being born in the 90s, near Glastonbury. The challenge is to tell, inspire and engage consumers and customers with the brand and what it stands for – Bold, Mischievous, Inclusive, Rooted in Somerset. The idea is to create a complete and integrated campaign.

A rebranding based around the creation of a bespoke typeface for Orchard Pig. The typeface takes inspiration from Orchard Pig’s existing tone of voice on social media; trying to implement it at point of purchase through packaging and advertising. The typeface intends to integrate craft-like design properties and therefore help push the brand to be seen as ‘craft’. The idea is that this typeface can be used across the whole brand; from packaging to advertising, to social media campaigns and so on. The typeface is based off of Akzidenz Grotesk, each character has been filled with a phrase that aims to follow in the shape of said letter. The phrases relate to either cider or Somerset and the idea is that they play on alliteration. The alliteration in use corresponds to the letter, e.g. A - ‘All About Apples’. Idea being that the phrases are fun and jokey, not to be taken overly seriously. The focus is on helping build the brand in an organic and natural manner. The designs produced are colourful, eye-catching and innovative without being offensive or too in your face. There is emphasis on the subtle.

The actual re-branding:
Create 4 ranges within Orchard Pig.
-Yellow Label (4%)
- Green Label (5%)
- Blue Label (5.5%)
- Purple Label (6%)
Each label corresponds to an alcoholic percentage and will exist in both draught and bottled forms. Thus creating four distinct ranges within the Orchard Pig brand, it is possible that sub-ranges could then emerge within these... There will be 104 new Orchard Pig bottle labels. These are the letters A-Z in each of the four colour schemes. The idea being that when buying an Orchard Pig cider bottle you could get any letter, from A-Z on the packaging. This can then be played with; bottle scrabble, selecting a bottle that corresponds to a name, creating messages at the bar, basically stretches as far the consumer’s imagination (especially with a bit of alcohol involved). As well as on bottles, these designs will feature on the likes of drink coasters, billboards and social media - serving to revamp the brand and add a touch of youthfulness paired with innovation.

Team Credits

Nicholas Naughton-Rumbo

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  • Graphic Design Graduate

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