out of isolation came forth light - one example video work

  • Tess Baxter

Digital animation or video art made within a virtual world. It combines collaborative creativity, and bridges from the virtual or digital with the actual and crafted. The video work, of collecting and editing, and choice of music is mine. Here, the main other contributors are CapCat Ragu and SaveMe Oh; within Second Life there is a continuing tradition of pseudonyms, which have a long creative connection, before the internet. Overall, it is close engagement with the work of others, or reinterpreting and translating meanings. In my video editing, I seek not just to record, but to add something and compliment creatively. This was work was shown at Supernova in Denver in September 2019 as a piece of public art (video at bottom). All my video art can be seen at https://vimeo.com/tizzycanucci