• Ludovic BETREMIEUX

The Semmco Oxygen and Nitrogen trolleys bring the supply of both resources to an aircraft. The project to standardise the chassis increased the productivity and efficiency and helped to reduce the mfg cost. The front chassis is standard to the whole range. It is made of straight and folded laser cut profiles & sheetmetal. Each component includes locators to assist the welder in putting all the parts together correctly. We called this technique “lego-izing”. The back chassis is also lego-ized, although having a standard width, it is specific to each trolley type relating to having either fixed or dismountable cylinders and to their quantity. The cylinder cradle is also dependent on the type of trolley. A dismountable cradle is a standard component, while fixed cylinder cradles differ depending on the number of cylinders carried. The control panel and hose reel give the user control over oxygen refill and tyre inflation with nitrogen.