Participatory Video Project / A question on artistic freedom

  • Emanuele Cidonelli

This project included a short film and an interactive documentary. I wrote and produced this project in 2018 during my service as Communication and Knowledge Management Specialist at UNESCO. The project aimed to mobilize the international debate on freedom of artistic expression through a participative question and answer process confronting policy makers, artists and cultural actors from different countries and backgrounds.

The film_ What is artistic freedom to you.
UNESCO understands artistic freedom as a complex area of issues to promote the right of artists and cultural professionals to create, produce and distribute diverse cultural expressions and the right of citizens to have access to these works.
They include: the right to create and have artistic work supported / distributed / remunerated; freedom of movement (mobility of artists and cultural professionals); freedom of association (for artists to organize in professional associations); protection of the social and economic rights of artists (status of the artist issues); the right to participate in cultural life.

The 2005 Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Divers of Cultural expressions puts forth that “cultural diversity can be protected and promoted only if human rights and fundamental freedoms, such as freedom of expression, information and communication, as well as the ability of individuals to choose cultural expressions, are guaranteed”.
The interactive documentary_ A question on artistic freedom
In conjunction with the documentary film “What is artistic freedom to you”, I designed and developed also an interactive web documentary where users can choose one of the questions proposed by the participants and filter among a wide range of interviewees from worldwide who will propose their own opinions and stories in a dynamically generated movie.
The application was designed as an extendable content platform for user-generated inputs. The platform is entirely powered by open sources technologies based on the CMS Drupal and on jQuery libraries.
The video server is provided by Vimeo.

This project is being re-developed with additional funding.
A beta version of the platform is available at:
More than 70 artists and cultura activists from 16 countries have participated to this project.

Abdoul Aziz Dieng Ajie Wartono  Ali Dorani aka Eaten Fish Amadou Fall Ba Amelia Hapsari Ardi Gunawan Ari Wulu Babacar Diouf Bente Roalsvig Cato Litangen Christine Hamnen Daniel Gomes Didier Awadi Esi Atiase Fatemeh Ekhtesari Fatou Kandé Senghor  Fauzan Dwi Raharjo  Handiwirman Saputra Helge Lunde Hilmar Farid Ignatia Nilu Imam Wayudi Indra Ameng Irawan Karseno Jan Lothe Eriksen Kassou Seydou Katya García-Antón Klara Este Kristin Danielsen Mai Khoi Mamadou Wane aka Papi  Manal Al-Sheikh Mansur Rajih Mari Brit Boine Mariane Hovdan Martinus Miroto Mauro Petroni Mehdi Mousavi Mella Jaarsma Mohammad Habeeb Moona Yanni Mulyana Mogus NAIF rock band Natasha Tontey Ngoné Ndour  NTRL rock band Otba Fatallah Mohamoud Oumar Ball Ousmane Faye  Pål Moddi Knutsen aka Moddi Papa Samba Ndiaye Piryono E. Sutrasno  (and the students of  Erudio Arts School) Regina Sambou Ricky Pesik Rolf Einar Ruangrupa Artists collective Rubah di Selatan Sall Oumar Setu Legi Sina Winter Soly Cissé  Sony Irawan Susanne Hætta  Theresia Augustina Sitompul Thiam Ousseinou Tromarama Artists collective Valérie Oka  William Nygaard