• Jefferson Martinez
  • Moses Wainaina
  • Cyrus Nderitu
Brief: Create pieces of work referencing the biblical concept of Easter- a celebration of Jesus Christ resurrecting from the dead. 
First Set: Good Friday
Concept: Jesus Christ died in modern times
Outcome: Jesus Christ lay embalmed in a golden perfume bottle-shaped casket. He lay in the Roman pantheon temple.
Three doves watching over him. A pair and one sandals beside the coffin. Three hands sticking out from the wall.  
Most of the items are in threes which signifies the number of people involved in this collaboration and most importantly- Jesus rose from the dead on the third day. 
Second Set: Easter Sunday
Concept: Jesus Christ is risen, conquering death translated into modern times.
Outcome: Jesus Christ disguised in a veil, on the throne with three doves watching in awe and admiration.