• Roshan Takhar

Pathway is an education resource app. Offering a personalised and innovative learning experience, exclusively for university students. A study taken from the research of the thesis showed that students in higher education are seeking further support, and knowledge in their studied courses. This signifies the need for alternative online support. The needs for technological development in the higher education sector is growing. Our higher education system must learn to adapt to the fast-paced progression of technology. This app would act as an educational supplement to higher education, and an additional resource for both student and teacher to enhance the learning experience for students in higher education. By personalizing the learning experience and cater to all types of learners.

- University textbooks embedded in the app.
- Lectures displayed live on phone.
- Communicate with teachers during lecture.
- Alert lecturers of what you don’t understand.
- App can provide learning relevant to students specific interests.
- Navigate through online textbook with ease.
The design of the app was kept minimal, with primary focus kept on content. It was all done to make interaction with the app a predictable process, where users control a robust system, that looks familiar and provides intuitive user experience. This was achieved through adopting Gestalt’s design principles. Focusing strongly on similarity and continuation.
The Colour palette consists of tonal complimentary colours, that are used as a way of attracting the user.

Improve Understanding:
By digitizing content, the app can provide traceability. The app takes in the statistical data of the feedback from lectures. So every time a student notifies the lecturer through the app he/she does not understand said topic, a digital database will be available, presenting how many students, understand and how many do not. This provides a better understanding of what content works well/is hard to understand, and vice versa. This information is very valuable because it can help the publishers of the content format the content to meet the required needs of the student, fundamentlly augmenting their understanding and responsiveness.
Live Lecture Feature:
I took a survey that included 20 students, sampled from two universities. Discussing why there is a lack of communication in a lecture environment. A large majority from this survey conveyed it was due to the atmosphere in a lecture environment. Students feel too shy to ask questions, due to a large number of students in the lecture.
Students also learn at different paces, with Pathway the learning is completely governed by the user and the idea of time constraints is non-existent, this lowers the pressure student’s face in a class/lecture environment to absorb heaps of information in a limited amount of time, and in doing so increases the potential for the student to fully understand a subject.
Why offer an online textbook feature?
By digitising the textbook you eliminate many issues:
- Update out-dated information.
- Able to apply constant replacement of relevant examples.
- Easy access.
- Features on the app, such as ‘Search’ can speed up navigation.
By eliminating these issues, you make it easier for the student to learn, by improving the user experience, which could increase student engagement.
Problem with cost of textbooks:
"Students recognize that textbooks are essential to their education but have been pushed to the breaking point by skyrocketing costs," said Rich Williams, a higher-education advocate with the group, "The alarming result of this survey underscores the urgent need for affordable solutions."