• David Stell

The history of the pop culture sensation tells us the public don’t know what they want till they get it. And rarely can that maxim have felt truer than in the case of Plants vs. Zombies, the screwball shooting game which has won millions of fans the whole world over. Having conquered app-land, Plants vs. Zombies was taking on a new (after)life: it was being launched as an arcade redemption cabinet by Sega. To publicise the launch of that cabinet to fans and arcade-owners, a new 90-second online film was needed. From the start of the project, we wanted to create a beautifully atmospheric film infused with the same feeling of anticipation that gamers were feeling about this new addition to the Plants vs. Zombies series. But at the same time, we were determined to keep the Last Stand game itself at the heart of the film. To accomplish this, we used the concept of the playful 3D animated plant vine to tie the two parts of the film together – linking the intriguing, wonder-filled opening with the main game section, and thereby ensuring a strong, consistent narrative thread throughout.

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