Plush Quarters Branding

  • Stephanie Dowd

The Brief: Create a brand identity and apply it to relevant touch points for a unique hotel in Sheffield. Plush Quarters is an independent, modern, middle range hotel in Sheffield city centre with homely touches. Targeting a wide range of audience members including: prospective students with their guardians, business people visiting and individuals who have overrun their shopping trip in Sheffield. Plush Quarters embodies the touch of elegance and a place to sleep, while the logo represents the quarters physically. The long logo typeface, FoundryGridnik, embodies the square quarters aspect, while also being rounded and soft. I have designed the hotel’s iconography in the same style as the logotype’s shape and form, creating a strong graphic language.

The breakfast and main menus use an underlying grid of quarters, and continue to use different weights of FoundryGridnik typeface for continuity in the brand. The mounting of the menu is on dark varnished wood to add a homely touch with texture.
I also applied the principle of four, mirroring the quarters element, continuing the brand principles and identity throughout the touch points. The soap dispensers are reusable, so environmentally friendly, whilst incorporating the brand colours.