Podcasters, pandemic response and a new path for the BBC – announcing the BIMA 100 2021

Every year, BIMA the UK’s Digital and Tech community announces its list of the 100 most influential people in UK digital and tech. It’s a prestigious list of the leaders, pioneers, entrepreneurs and changemakers who are breaking new ground and driving the industry forward. And after a year like no other, this year’s BIMA 100 is even more diverse - and more important - than ever.

Announced on 6 May at a virtual ceremony, this year’s BIMA 100 features:
  • A dancer and choreographer-turned-games designer
  • A producer who’s making filmmaking accessible to those who wouldn’t normally get the opportunity to work in film
  • The head of BBC Interactive forging a path for a whole new genre of content
  • A healthcare innovation researcher who launched and hosts the Royal Society of Medicine’s Digital Health Podcast series; and
  • An entire team supporting the UK’s Covid-19 testing programme
There are so many wonderful stories to tell but here’s just a few who made the top 100, class of 2021.

When Deloitte’s Covid Team a winner in the Strategists and Consultants category came together in the hugely pressurised, confusing circumstances of the early days of the pandemic response, they knew their success or failure would have a major impact on the UK's ability to launch and run a Covid testing programme. None of the team had ever done anything quite like this, yet their story is one of impressive teamwork.

Prentice Whitlow in the Students and Apprentices category has made a truly impressive journey from being a dancer and choreographer to creating an augmented reality game that removes the barriers of play to enable anyone to enjoy the experience.

Joanne Kushner in the Challengers and New Thinkers category has been working with acclaimed movie director Timur Bekmambetov to develop Screenlife, which explores new filmmaking methods that make the film industry more inclusive, diverse and accessible to those who wouldn’t normally get the opportunity to work in film. Already opening doors for film makers and content creators, Joanne has introduced the Screenlife concept to leading voices in the industry including BFI, BAFTA, Lionsgate, Netflix and many more.

Dr Mala Mawkin named in the Rising Stars category is an award-winning healthcare innovation researcher, writer and speaker who has already featured on the Forbes Under 30 List and the Vogue UK 10 Rising Female Stars. She launched and hosts the Royal Society of Medicine’s Digital Health Podcast series, which has listeners in more than 50 companies and in 2020 became one of Apple’s top 10 medical podcasts.

Tom Burton is Head of BBC Interactive and joins the BIMA 100 in the Tech Trailblazers category. He has forged a path for a whole new genre of content for the organisation, producing not just an award winning portfolio but relationships with technology giants, a fresh attitude and process to innovation, and an outward facing approach and attitude to working with others in the immersive and interactive industry.
Matt Sullivan, MD of BIMA said: “The BIMA 100 is a vital part of the digital calendar. An annual barometer of the skill, innovation and energy of the sector, the BIMA 100 focuses not on exceptional work, but on exceptional people. What’s clear from this year’s 100 is the sheer breadth of creativity and innovation on display. After the most challenging 12 months the industry has ever known, there’s never been a more important time to recognise the brilliant people whose work is having an impact not just on their company or sector, but on society as a whole.”
To view the Class of 2021, BIMA 100 please visit www.bima.co.uk
For more information, please contact Rachel Johnson at rachel@bima.co.uk


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