Post Quarantine — Identity design

  • Em Williams
  • Nikky Lyle
  • Bianca Matley
  • Claire Medcalf

Post Quarantine — letters to open when this is all over An invitation to write to your future self — take time out, reflect on how you’re feeling right now, and look forward to better days beyond COVID-19. It’s open to everyone, a chance to get creative and feature in an exhibition in the near future.  Nikky Lyle (creative recruiter), Em Williams (brand designer), and Claire Medcalf (copywriter) set up Post Quarantine not only as a creative task to do while in lockdown, but as a way of capturing how we’re feeling through this strange, separate yet shared, experience.  Whilst we’re connecting online, Post Quarantine offers a much needed screen break and a practical way of managing our wellbeing. Writing is one of the most helpful things we can do during a time of stress. The slower pace of putting pen to paper allows us to order our thoughts and find some clarity. And it enables creatives, who may have more time on their hands, to focus on a personal project.  Plus, Post Quarantine is something to look forward to: an exhibition featuring every letter that’s sent to our PO Box address. Showcasing individual creativity and a unique visual narrative of coronavirus.