• Iona French

Many people think maths isn’t for them because they didn’t enjoy it at school. However, mathematics and numbers underpin much of our daily lives. Mathematics can even show us how to live a more healthy and happy life by following its formulas and theories. Recalculate is a publication which aims to show the many ways maths intertwines with our lives. The publication is designed to be a modern take on a traditional maths textbook which are usually text-heavy, however, this version breaks up the text into easily digestible chunks for the reader to process. Most of the imagery inside is diagrammatical to support the textbook theme and to help aid the reader in understanding the concepts. The publication references maths throughout using a squared grid in the background, often found in maths school jotters. When the publication is closed, it resembles a traditional hardcover book, however, when opened the reader is met with a pop of orange colour and a more modern approach to an otherwise considered old topic. Recalculate is a different kind of textbook.

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