Rebranding Project - Clever Student Lets

  • Charlotte Johnstone
  • Jon Paul Davis Jr.

While working with The Agency at Plymouth College of Art I was recently approached to do a rebranding project for a local student letting agency, Clever Student Lets. The project was to rebrand and create an Accommodation booklet, application forms, bus banner, postcard/contact card and four sets of large stackable cubes to appeal to the audience more that CSL original branding would. I was really pleased to accept this project as it gave me a huge part in the creative direction, as Clever student lets didn’t have many requirements for the style. Clever Student Lets wanted a style that would appeal to young, first-year students that would be starting at Plymouth College of Art, something colourful and refreshing. I was once a first-year starting at PCA so I wanted to create something that myself and my friends would enjoy looking at and reading. I’m pleased with the outcomes and looking forward to all the new students getting to see them in September 2018. Following on from this project I have been able to go on and work for Clever Student Lets as their freelance designer which so far is a great experience for me and has had a very positive impact on me as a new designer.

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