Rebuilding you.

  • Nadine Thiedeke
  • Anthony Chapman
  • Paul Crump

In its mission to eliminate corneal blindness worldwide, the Tej Kohli Foundation wanted to elevate its many offerings in to a brave new identity. With the acquisition of a revolutionary biotechnology the foundation wanted to harness its technology heritage. Our strategy repositioned the brand away from charity tropes and more towards innovation and technology for the good of humankind. Utilising a branded house structure to connect sub brand activity and better demonstrate impact.

01. Research

Our initial research showed brand recognition was significant around key pillars of the foundation activities. However, there was confusion around what the foundation offered as a whole. With audiences feeling a sense of disconnect when going from one arm of the foundation to another.

02. Exploration

The proposed brand architecture looked to dispel confusion by simplifying the activities to four sub brands. With each pillar representing the innovation within the foundation. Sub-brands could then be developed with the parent identity in mind, but allow for enough deviation to reflect their own characteristics.

03. Development

When considering any global health issue, lots of parts need to coalesce to deliver a meaningful change to humanity. How could we not only show cell regeneration, but also how the momentum towards building a better future. For this visual we landed on the concept of a pixel and its function around imagery and clarity.

04. Implementation

We developed an identity system centered around the pixel. Built on a square grid foundation we could include similar elements but rearrange and adapt the usage. With an introduction of a varied secondary pallet to give each sub brand further distinction. All of which was then tied together through typography and a constant marque.