Revealing your unknown potential.

  • Nadine Thiedeke
  • Anthony Chapman
  • Paul Crump

Rawr’s founder came to Fellow with a vision, to create a brand that built on a holistic approach to health and fitness. Reflecting today’s want to cultivate individual definitions of a healthy lifestyle. Our brand strategy focused around purpose, establishing four pillars which define health in a broader sense. Leading us to develop a new name and identity which captured this purpose.

01. Research

Initial conversations with the founder gave us a crash course in their vision for health and fitness in the future. People need to have goals curated more towards their beliefs and lifestyle, rather than following current media portrayals. It was clear that the founder valued mental health and consumer ethics as much as the body itself.

02. Exploration

As we worked through creating the brand narrative we decided on a strategy based around four-pillars. Health, Fitness, Balance, and Impact would underpin the brands position. Once the strategy was in place we captured the new proposition of ‘mind and body understood’. We developed the name as a response when pushing yourself to the max, a roar of self-expression. It also related to something that is whole and unprocessed.

03. Development

We explored fluid type styling to convey form and strength. Colours are more organic, leading with orange for a sense of optimism. The illustration style plays heavily into the identity, from highlights across social to form guidance on routines. Drawn with the intention to be gender neutral it keeps the brand inclusive. Focus on the individual is echoed in the photography, focusing on motion and the determination of the individual.

04. Implementation

Launching the new brand required both visual and tone of voice guidelines, social assets and a new website. Along with physical deliverables to help the founder promote the new brand at trade shows and speaking opportunities. Custom Ebooks sold through the website further educated people on the brands new approach to health and fitness.