Red Bull Unforeseen

The Unforeseen was a hidden venue, situated in the heart of Creamfields Festival 2019. Red Bull wanted to create a venue that stood out from others across the festival site. A venue that offered something more, that could host some epic parties and create a buzz to keep people talking after they leave. Our winning concept was that of a magical journey, starting inside a South-American speakeasy bar via our travel agency and through a dystopian future, finishing with the hidden party inside. In true speakeasy style, the entrance to the venue would be notoriously hard to find. To gain access our audience would need to engage with the journey hosted by our immersive actors. Each room hosted its unique features and intricate reactive technology creating a mind-blowing user experience. Once through a secret door only made available after audience engagement activities set by our travel agent hosts, our guests were found themselves on an immersive walkway. We created a range of rooms designed to keep the audience intrigued to explore further. Viewing Platform - Where they could use binoculars to look into the main venue, but could not yet get through. The Light Room - A large geometric light sculpture from the ceiling, pulsing to the music, a real spectacle to look at and entrance to the dystopian future. The Control Centre - A sensory overload of screens displaying static images, interspersed with Red Bull branding, actors in hazmat suits, interactive screens where users could control cameras placed through the experience. A range of tech could be controlled by festival-goers from CCTV cameras feeds to phones, situated throughout the installation, so that users could have conversations with other guests in other rooms! The Laser Room - Filled with red lasers and other intelligent moving light fixtures which could be controlled by the audience using giant buttons which were fixed to the walls. The main venue was extremely bright, with rows of tropical flowers decorating the ceiling. A DJ booth was host a line up of guest DJ’s, who were playing fun off-genre and back-to-back sets that could be found nowhere else in the festival. The brand saw massive ROI relating to Red Bull Tropical volumes sold across the festival site. The venue also showcased Red Bulls connection to the music industry by its artistic programming throughout the weekend.