Redesigning the Henle Library for Android

  • Sam Holyhead
G. Henle Verlag are sheet music publishers specialising in Urtext scores. Considered to be the closest to the original composerʼs intended vision, they are the result of comprehensive research into classical music transcripts.
Henle aimed to begin providing scores to their customers digitally. They wanted to take advantage of new technology to make their content more interactive and flexible for musicians.
The resulting ‘Henle Libraryʼ served as both an advanced score reader and an online store for customers to purchase Urtext scores. Following the iOS appʼs success, Henle wanted a version that was Android compatible, to make the Library available to a wider audience.
To achieve this, I aligned the designs more towards Googleʼs material design guidelines. This ensured the appʼs user experience would feel familiar to Android users. For example, we combined the navigation and bottom bar into one action bar, to avoid conflicting with the three hardware buttons on the bottom of most Android devices.
Another issue that we encounted is that the store and library on iOS used a tab switcher to change between the two modes. Unfortunately Android’s stack based memory management system doesn’t easily allow for this kind of parallel page management.
In response to this we created a custom action bar. This featured a tab switcher which replaced the standard ‘Backʼ button and page title when the user was at the top-level of the store or library to allow users to switch between the two modes. When the users navigate forward to lower-level pages the traditional ‘Backʼ button and page title return.

Download the Henle Library for Android


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